Turn up the heat roller gel

Turn up the heat roller gel

Ease tired aching muscles with our warming muscle gel containing arnica, rosemary and ginger and not a drop of camphor

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A hands free application (sort of!) and great smelling, camphor free, fragrance makes our muscle warming gel stand out from the crowd. Ginger, rosemary and vanillyl warm the muscles, whilst arnica and allantoin, an active ingredient work to soothe and ease your muscles. This product can be used pre-exercise to warm the muscles up or post-exercise to help relieve tension.

Why turn up the heat?

Most other warming products have a very distinct camphor smell which can be a real turn off from using these products. Our turn up heat doesn't use any camphor and works just as well (if not better we think!)

Application of warming products can often be a real nightmare leaving you with sticky, greasy hands which you certainly don't want to put near your face, racket or ball. We have cracked this too!

Features and benefits:-

Our rosemary and ginger fragrance contains no camphor, so smells fantastic.

Vanillyl, rosemary and ginger help to warm the muscles, stimulating circulation helping to aid recovery.

Arnica soothes muscles with its anti-inflammatory properties.

It can be used pre exercise to warm muscles up or post exercise to help soothe aching muscles.

Unique rollerball packaging allows for hands free application, great for those wanting clean hands for exercise.

97% natural.

Made in England. No parabens, no SL(E)S, no MIT.