The Activbod Team


Great minds think alike...and if you're lucky, they come together. The Olympics, 2012: sweaty athletes are unsatisfied with their personal care options. Lara Morgan takes it upon herself to solve the problem.

The team behind activbod worked as hard on these products as we do in the gym, knowing that pushing to be the best you possibly can be is no easy task. It has been a long journey of highs and lows to create the fantastic range of high-performing products you see today.

As a team we are all pretty active, some more than others (!) but we all noticed the lack of products in the personal care market that collectively work together to perform for the active person. We wanted everyone like us to enjoy exercise whatever your reason for being active maybe, working your muscles, getting fit and of course enjoying fabulous skin.

Start with the unique and wholly portable mind re-set tool, mind over matter balm and your part way there…


Occupation: CEO & Serial Entrepreneur

Unofficial Title: Chef d’Mission, Triathlete, Mega mum, Super-wife & Energy Extraordinaire

Hobbies: Triathlon, cycling, swimming and holidaying in the sun.

Goals: To change the health of the nation. Complete Ride25 (charity bike ride around the world).


Occupation: General Manager

Unofficial Title: Chief results officer, potions and lotions master, development diva and marketing mogul

Hobbies: Gyming, swiming, donkey riding, running, skiing, spaniel walking and yoga'ing‏

Goals: To see activbod in every store in the land. Run another half marathon after swearing I would never do it again (and beating my time!).


Occupation: Ambassador programme Manager

Unofficial Title: Eternal optimist, one of life’s do’ers, happy outdoors!

Hobbies: Parkrun, badminton, surfing, anything outdoorsy….you get the gist!

Goals: To create equality for women’s sport. Tackle an Ironman triathlon.


Occupation: Sales Manager

Unofficial Title: Chief shelf stacker, sample ‘giver outer’, general doer.

Hobbies: Yoga enthusiast, cycling commuter, any gym class on offer, social swimmer and sun chaser as well as snowboarder.

Goals: Eat healthily, exercise regularly, continually develop & push myself further in life