game changer face scrub

game changer face scrub

Banish post workout redness with our dual action face scrub specially formulated to cleanse and soothe skin

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This dual action face scrub contains bio-available vitamin E to help reduce redness often experienced after exercise. Micro-scrubbing particles, salicylic acid and sweet almond oil cleanse pores, whilst menthol delivers a cooling soothing sensation to the skin.

Why game changer face scrub?

During exercise you sweat and pores can become clogged.

Redness is a common issue for people when they exercise and can put people off exercising especially in their lunch-break. Our game changer face scrub helps banish those worries.

Features and benefits:-

Bio-available vitamin E helps reduce redness often experienced after exercise.

Scrubbing particles gently exfoliate, helping to keep pores clean.

Salicylic acid, guava extract and sweet almond oil help to cleanse.

Allantoin helps to rehydrate skin leaving it smooth and nourished.

Menthol helps to cool the skin after exercise, soothing it to leave you completely refreshed.

Refreshing and stimulating fragrance to restore body and mind.

Made in England. No parabens, no SL(E)S, no MIT