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We're committed to encouraging you to lead an active lifestyle. We proudly support the work of the Women's Sport Trust (WST) who receive 10% of net profits.

The WST is a grass roots movement whose aim is to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women's sport through role models, media coverage and funding. Sport is an incredibly powerful and important public arena and therefore has the potential to generate positive social change. In striving for a world where strong female role models are clearly visible, WST hopes to shift how women are seen and how they see themselves.

Women's Sport Trust does this by...
Identifying and promoting a diverse range of athlete role models, who help to show what women are capable of in any sport, in the workplace and beyond. WST provides support for the role models to enable them to exercise influence as widely and effectively as possible.

They increase the percentage and quality of women's sport coverage across platforms by developing strong media partnerships, connecting athletes to leading journalists and commenting on live issues relating to women in sport.

They actively find ways to shift the funding landscape by providing grants and awards to people who have a positive effect on women's sport. Moreover they highlight inequalities in sports sponsorship and act as a catalyst for changing funding and sponsorship decisions.

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