cooling finish lotion

cooling finish lotion

Cool down and replenish skin moisture levels with our post workout cool down body moisturiser containing menthol which delivers an enjoyable cooling sensation to the skin

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Finish off your exercise regime with our non-sticky body lotion containing menthol that delivers an enjoyable cooling sensation to the skin. Plus a naturally derived deodorising ingredient, vitamin E acetate and allantoin to moisture and repair dry skin. An energising pepper, eucalyptus and lemon fragrance reinvigorates the body and mind.

Why cooling finish lotion?

After exercise or swimming many people are hot and continue to sweat, applying normal moisturiser leaves skin feeling tacky, sticky and more sweaty. Our cooling finish lotion moisturises and cools the skin without the sticky feeling.

96%* of users felt skin was cooler after using cooling finish lotion.  

Features and benefits:-

Menthol helps to cool and soothe the skin, whilst also aiding muscle recovery.

Allantoin moisturises the skin, helping to replenish moisture lost during exercise.

A unique deodorising ingredient helps to effectively control body odour.

The stimulating and invigorating lemon, pepper and eucalyptus helps to restore body and mind.

95% natural.

Made in England. No parabens, no SL(E)S and no MIT.

*tested on 111 active men and women