activ Ambassadors


activbod is honoured to have the endorsement of some of the world's top athletes including Rachel Atherton, Charlotte Edwards, Gail Emms, Sophie Radcliffe, Goldie Sayers, Fiona Pennie, Heather Fell, Stef Hanson, Laura Masaro and more.

These amazing athletes love our products and use them as part of their daily routines. After all, active lifestyles call for activbod.

"I love the face scrub. I love the cooling lotion. It feels amazing on the skin. It works and smells great. I love the shower gel concentrate too!"

Helen Skeleton

"The Cooling Lotion always brings me back to life. I can't decide what I like better - the feeling it gives my skin or the scent!"

Mallory Franklin, Slalom canoeist

"I Love the Game Changer Face Scrub. Can't imagine what I did before it!"

Laura Massaro, Squash Pro

"My favourite is definitely the Mind over Matter balm. Right before I train, I give myself a few seconds with it and I am ready to tackle anything!"

Fiona Pennie, Champion Canoeist

"I don't leave the house without my Turn Up the Heat Roller gel. It gives me the confidence that no matter how hard I sweat, I will smell great doing so!"

Anna Watkins, Pro Rower

"Give me as much of the Feel Great Shower Gel Concentrate as you can give me...I never want to go without!"

Kim Ingleby, Fitness Pro

"Just a few drops of Feel Great Shower Gel Concentrate are enough to refresh even the hardest worked skin."

Sophie Radcliffe, Adventurer

"I love all the products, and not just for the amazing smell they each have, but for the amazing benefits I can actually feel after I train....Great stuff!"

Gail Emms

"Picking a favourite product is hard as I love all of them but being a rower, I am out in the sun all the time and the Activbod Pick Me Up Scrub is great for keeping my skin soft and rejuvenated"

Pamela Relph,

World and Paralympic Champion Rower

"Using the refreshing shower gel concentrate after a hard session followed by the cooling lotion is now part of my regular post exercise routine - my muscles just love it!"

Clarissa Schilling,